Can I select the modleNode with mouse?

The slicer can select the markupFiducials with mouse but I donnot know can I use the mouse select the modelNode?

I think there is no “ready-to-use” infrastructure for this, but you can:

  1. Use a callback to observe the mouse clicks in the 3d view (see;
  2. when you process the events, you get the model display manager from the view ;
  3. you get the mouse event position from the interactor;
  4. you call the display manager Pick method (this will return the cellID, the modelNodeId and the RAS coordinates of the picking).

Another option, it would also to write a custom model display manager, or you can have a look at Select cells of a 3D model (where you can use the crosshair or a markup point, which involves much less coding).