Cardiac Agatston Scoring module

Hi Andras, many thanks for the code. Could I ask what the license is for the code? In the distant future, I may incorporate this as part of a chargeable service in my (public) hospital (in addition to segmenting other structures).

Also, how may I cite this script/your work?

THe best would be if you could add the script as a module to Sandbox extension (use Extension Wizard module to create a skeleton, add GUI for the input parameters, and copy the processing script to the module logic class).

The BSD license of the Sandbox extension would apply and you could cite the Sandbox extension and the Agatston 1990 paper.

. t has been a while since I wrote a Python slicer module, but I’d be willing to work on this during Project Week. It would be nice to have this as a Slicer module again. I’ll discuss this at the preparation call this week

Thank you Andras and Curtis! It would indeed fill an important need to have Agatston scoring in Slicer again.

SO ,have it done?
so,i dont understand above progress, i need to caculate the cadiac agaston scoring . but i feel it is alittle difficult for me .

Apologies. I started the module and Andras has offered support. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish during the project week and have been swamped with other projects since returning to my office. I’ll try to get back to the agatston module during this coming week. Thanks for your patience.

@syl Your last message was too harsh and demanding - does not match the friendly tone of this community. This is a problem because people you are trying to pressure here are volunteering to help the community in their free time and if you use unpleasant tone then they will unlikely to help you - and you may even discourage them to help others.

If you urgently need this feature then you can offer your help: Python programming is not a very difficult job, you can learn how to do it while developing this module; or you can ask friends of yours to help you; or you can offer funding to someone who already has the right skills.

If it is not that urgent then you can wait patiently for someone to take on this job for free. Maybe you can come back to this post in every couple of weeks and indicate in a friendly comment that you are still interested in this feature.

so, excuseme i still focus the agatston module. can i try to use this module now?thanks.

The effort on an agatston module, which I started over the Summer, is not complete. However, I am planning to resume work on this module before and during the next Slicer Project Week in January.