DICOM multiframe support


(Andrey Fedorov) #29

@Mihail_Isakov I do not have any experience with or access to the tool you are using, or to its source code, and I didn’t investigate the content of those files. All I know is that if I use established open source tools that I trust, I do not see inconsistency in how images show up in Slicer. I would be very surprised if dcm2niix didn’t sort frames, and that’s what I used to load the multiframe image into Slicer.

I won’t have time to debug this any time soon. But I also won’t take a screenshot from an unknown tool as a proof that data encoding by David Clunie is incorrect

(Andrey Fedorov) #31

As explained in the link mentioned in the first post of this topic, Slicer is not able to properly load this multiframe directly. I used dcm2niix to make a NIfTI first, which I then loaded into Slicer. The whole reason this topic started is because Slicer cannot (at least, not always) directly and correctly load multiframe DICOM images.