Display tab of Markups module incompatible with dark display

I’m using the dark display with slicer and there seems to be a bug with the Display tab of the Markups module, here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing.

Operating system: macOS Big Sur Version 11.2
Slicer version: 4.11.20210226 r29738 / 7a593c8
Expected behavior: Able to read sliders and such in the Display tab of the Markups module
Actual behavior: See screenshot, much of the information for each slider is not shown

Thanks for reminding us about this issue. We currently have it tracked as part of Some widgets not updating appropriately on style change · Issue #5135 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub. Toggling style may be a workaround for you to trigger an appropriate update for you to be able to read the label text. Edit → Application settings → Appearance → Style

xref: Parts of a module user interface are unreadable in dark mode on macOS

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