GLSL shaders use non supported version 1.50 that makes CI/CD to fail in a docker container

@lassoan, @cpinter, we are trying to test our extension in a docker container as described by @unnmdnwb3 in this thread.

However, the test fails when executing slicer with these errors.

Basically the VTK version that is used enforces the use of GLSL version 1.50 which is unsopported by the opengl libraries. Is there any way to change VTK version while creating the slicer container? Which is the recommended version of VTK that does not have this problem? I can’t see this enforcement in VTK 8.2 for instance.

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This is a quick view of the error for those interested but with no access to the project yet

There are several docker container examples where appropriate OpenGL version is configured. See for example this topic: