How to include markup annotations in high-resolution screen capture

@evaherbst thanks for testing. Make sure you are using the latest preview for this (not the stable).



I have encountered an issue with the HiRes Screen Capture feature on both Mac and Windows when display scaling is enabled.

Issue Description: When using HiRes Screen Capture with display scaling, the resulting screenshot is significantly larger than expected. For example, on a Windows system with 225% scaling, the expected image resolution is 8952x3352, but the saved image resolution is 17904x14448.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Enable display scaling on your Mac or Windows system.
  2. Set the scaling to 225% (Windows example).
  3. Use the HiRes Screen Capture feature in 3D Slicer.
  4. Observe the discrepancy in the resulting screenshot resolution.

Is it possible to account for display scale when setting the desired screen resolution in the module logic?

I’ve also noticed that when the export button is clicked on the mac, 3D Slicer sometimes crashes completely after the image is saved.

Looking forward to any guidance you can provide.



I would think you can detect this and compensate. You can look to see if Qt provides an API to query the screen scaling factor, but if needed you could look into adding a platform-specific API call somewhere in the C++ code with ifdefs to detect the platform.

Would this be a worthwhile task for Project Week, in addition to generally improving the module?

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Yes, this would be perfect to work on at Project Week :+1: