Improvements to consider

Smoothing brush (you can left-click and drag in slice or 3D views when Smoothing effect is active to locally smooth the segment) will be available in tomorrow’s Slicer Preview Release. Unfortunately, slice views don’t work in the preview release (and there are some other issues - see list), but you can still try this smoothing tool.

Thanks. I’ve managed to download it but some extensions still unavailable and 3D view doesn’t work as well

The 3D view worked turning smooth factor off

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It worked shutting smooth factor down but if I try to make a joint smooth the 3D image disappear

Joint smoothing is probably broken in latest preview release (it uses model smoothing, which does not work yet in latest preview - it will take a few more days to get the VTK9 issues fixed).

Great. It’s good news the possibility of having both working together. Some extensions are unavailable too like slicer heart

Yes, we know about the extension errors. Once we fix basic errors (slice view, model smoothing, …) then we’ll get to the extensions, too.

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For reference - Slicer Preview Releases are working now and so the new Smoothing brush is available for testing. See more information and demo video here: New segment editing feature: Smoothing brush

Hi Andras I’m really enjoying the brush smoothing. Very helpful. I’m thinking of other improvements and thought of a way to tilt one plane without affecting others during segmentation. Is it possible?

You can rotate of the slice views independently using reformat module

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Do you know that you can rotate views by Ctrl + Alt + Left-click-and-drag in a slice view (while slice intersections are displayed)? This rotates all the other views so that their relative angles are preserved, which is useful because otherwise your views can easily end up having similar orientation, showing almost the same thing.

You can also reslice a volume along an arbitrary curve using “Cross-section analysis” module in SlicerVMTK extension.

What is your use case? What would you like to visualize?

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In addition to @manjula and @lassoan replies, each slice view may display its own Reformat Widget in the 3D view. You can then move around the handles and centre of rotation freely for each Reformat Widget independently.

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I’ll try it. Thanks
I’m using for cardiac valve segmentation.

We segmented many hundreds of valves on various imaging modalities and we always keep rotating the views so that remain orthogonal. Rotating only one, without adjusting the others, would make the others much less informative and confusing.

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Great but my issue is subvalvar apparatus with is out of plane. Have you done this too?

Yes, of course, you can rotate in each view until all your view axes line up with the valve axes.

Can you show how? Thanks again

You can rotate slice views by using Ctrl+Alt+Left-click-and-drag with slice intersections displayed. See documentation of keyboard&mouse shortcuts in slice views.

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