Manual Segmentation, Filling a closed contour in the current slice

Dear all,
Is there a tool that fills a contour (drawn by me) in the current slice? this will help to segment difficult areas manually in a simple way.
Have a nice evening!

Hi Braheem,

Check the ‘draw’ tool in the Segment Editor. Use the mouse buttons: left button to draw and right button clic to close the contour.

Is that what you’re looking for ?

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Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I am looking for :).

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If there are actual edges (intensity differences) then you don’t want to segment slice-by-slice. In that case use the Grow from seeds effect. It allows you to just approximately segment on a couple of slices and you automatically get a full 3D segmentation. You can always make adjustments (by adding a few more strokes) if you don’t like the automatic segmentation results at some places.

Thanks for the suggestion. The edges are clear to see but not to segment automatically that is why I am using the manual segmentation.