Model distorts when using logical operators

Hello, I’m trying to create a mould using a dicom structure (as the hole) and an imported STL model as the mould itself.
Currently I change the dicom structure into a binary label map, I then import an STL (the mould casing) as a model. I then move the dicom structure to inside the mould model and use the subtract logical operator to remove the structure from the mould.
This does work however the resulting surface of the mould is very rounded/distorted like it has been smoothed and in some areas if the internal structure is too close to the mould wall a hole is created.
Is there anyway I can do this without having these issues?

Thanks in advance

This thread should help:

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If you want to use the Segment Editor then you can change the resolution of the segmentation. If you created the segmentation by importing an STL file then Option B is applicable; and you need to specify a suitable spacing value (smaller the spacing the more accurate the segmentation is; but memory usage and computation time increases, too).

Thank you Steve, sorry I can’t seem to find the Combine models extension though. I’m currently using V 4.11.20200930.


You need to use a recent Slicer Preview Release and install the Sandbox extension.