Multiple startup errors and no SimpleITK in May 1 nightly on mac

Issue should be fixed in

It basically fix a regression introduced in r25947.

Thanks everyone for their help.


I confirm the issue is fixed in today’s nightly. Thank you!

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We had a full-day Slicer training for about 20 new students, including several Mac users, so this fix has come just in time! (it was great that I could just tell them to install the latest version)


Would be nice to post-mortem revise how things work on the factories, to see if this kind of issue can be caught automatically next time.

Agreed. Our test are all executed on a build tree. Which make sense for “regular” development.

That said, it would be sensible to also execute the tests (e.g the self test) after the package has been generated.

One option would be to have appveyor, travis and circleci triggered after the packaging is completed. They would download the latest package … run few python test and push back the summary in a new entry on Cdash.

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I think the only solution would be to have more build machines, with different OS versions, submitting nightly build&test results.

If we provided easy-to-follow instructions/scripts to do this, who could set it up on his/her computer?
(nightly Slicer core build&test takes 2-4 hours, extensions may take a few hours in addition)

In that case, the issue was specific to the generated installer and having other build machine wouldn’t have really to detect that problem.

That said, it is generally good to have build and testing on more system.

Otherwise, instructions are currently available here:

That would be an interesting experiment. Is there anything in ctest et al to support testing of packaged binaries, or this would need to be scripted from scratch?

Typically Ron downloads the nightlies and lets us know if things don’t start, but since there are many things to test and he’s increasingly busy we should automate the process.

That’s why I suggest we name the script AutomatRon (get it?!? wink)

I still think “iRon” is better! :smile:

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Whoever writes the script can name it!

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