No nightly Mac binary since August 1

I downloaded Slicer nightly today, and noticed it is dated Aug 1.

Looking at the dashboard, there is not even an attempt to build on Mac starting August 5.

On Aug 4 the dashboard is red:

On Aug 3 there is an error updating the repository:


To clarify, macOS have initially been broken due to the update of LibArchive. A fix was integrated on Friday.

All of this combine with the infrastructure changes described in this thread, glitches regarding the macOS build where to be expected.

I will follow up shortly with an update.

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The problem is that the newly installed CMake does not run on the macOS build machine. See below.

This also explain why no error were reported.

A fix will soon be implemented.

dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
  Referenced from: /Users/kitware/Dashboards/Support/
  Reason: image not found
/Users/kitware/DashboardScripts/ line 6:  1531 Trace/BPT trap          /Users/kitware/Dashboards/Support/ -S /Users/kitware/DashboardScripts/factory-64bits_slicer4_release_nightly.cmake -VV -O /Users/kitware/Dashboards/Logs/factory-64bits_slicer4_release_nightly.log
dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
  Referenced from: /Users/kitware/Dashboards/Support/
  Reason: image not found

CMake version used on the macOS factory (running Darwin 10.6.8) has been updated to use a custom build of CMake 3.9.0.

As documented on the build work description page, this is required because since CMake release >= 3.6 , Darwin >= 10.7 is required to use the official release package.

The CMake download page has also been updated accordingly.

I’m not sure if the problem is related, but I also realized that many extensions are not building in Linux either (among them the Chest Imaging Platform), without any errors in CDash whatsoever.

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@jcfr the problem is not solved

MacOSx build is available. See


Great, thanks @jcfr!

nightly extension builds

Indeed, looking at the dashboard only few extensions are build. See here

I am looking into it and will report back.

4.6.2 extension builds

4.6.2 nightly extension failed to build because of configure error related to transition to CMake 3.9.0, see below. To address the issue, I locally backported r26211 and modified SlicerConfig.cmake found in the corresponding Slicer build tree.

CMake Error: CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS is enabled, but the RULE_LAUNCH_COMPILE global property is not defined.
Did you forget to include(CTest) in the toplevel CMakeLists.txt ?
Command exited with the value: 1
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Look at the log, I found:

[  7%] Building CXX object ScanConvertPhasedArray3D/CMakeFfatal: reference is not a tree: aaedd3e108ae3f07f38aa517b14bc00b86ded170
CMake Error at XNATSlicer-prefix/tmp/XNATSlicer-gitclone.cmake:75 (message):
  Failed to checkout tag: 'aaedd3e108ae3f07f38aa517b14bc00b86ded170'

This is causing the extension build process to stop because checkout of extension sources is not sandboxed. Currently only the build and test steps are.

Here is the commit that recently implemented sandboxing for the test step: r25439

I am working on a fix.

This topic should prevent failure of downloading one extension source from impacting the complete build.

This last issue should be address in r26223

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