NVIDIA AIAA default server error when running auto-segmentation

I’m new to using 3d-slicer and want to do fully-automatic segmentation of liver and tumor on CT.
When I followed the steps in Tutorials and examples, there’s a slicer error:
It seems something wrong with the server, so what can I do ?
I have tried other versions of 3d-slicer but it still goes wrong.

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Unfortunately, the liver model and the default server is not compatible with the latest NVidia AIAA client version (see error report here).

You can segment from boundary points (that is faster and more robust anyway) or set up your own server as described in the link provided in setup instructions.

Thanks for your help. So is it possible to use the old version of 3d-slicer/Nvidia AIAA to do the auto-segement? And could you please tell me the specific version of it? I’d like to try for it.

“segment from boundary points” you mean the follwing function of Nvidian AIAA?
But it using default server as well, isn’t it? Or you mean another function in 3d-slicer? Please be more specific. Too many thx!