Problem of retrieve(query work but retrieve dead)

Hi all,
I’m using Redhat7, installed Slicer-4.7.0-2017-08-16-linux-amd64

Here is my problem,
I try to query from our hospital’s server.
I work, I can get all patients data.
But, I can’t retrieve any from the server.(I try both C-get and C-move both are not work )
from terminal I found:

I: Requesting Association
I: Association Accepted (Max Send PDV: 28660)
Setting Retrieve Parameters
Sending Move Request
I: Sending C-MOVE Request (MsgID 1)
I: Received C-MOVE Response (Failed: IdentifierDoesNotMatchSOPClass)
setting value to 0
E: Identifier does not match SOP class in C-MOVE response
MOVE response receveid with status: Failed: IdentifierDoesNotMatchSOPClass
MOVE request failed, server does report error
MOVE request failed: Status Detail: 
# Dicom-Data-Set
# Used TransferSyntax: Little Endian Implicit
(0000,0901) AT (0000,0600)                              #   4, 1 OffendingElement
(0000,0902) LO [MOVE_REQUEST_IMPROPERLY_FORMATED]       #  32, 1 ErrorComment

then I try to use Steve Pieper’s advice

I download and install dcmtk,
Also findscu works, but movescu not;
here is the script:
movescu --patient --key 0020,000d=1.2.840.113619.2.327.3.1695170825.707.1503019605.111 --output-directory /home1/try --write-file --aetitle MYAT --call SERVER IP_address Port
result is:
W: Move response with error status (Failed: IdentifierDoesNotMatchSOPClass)

I will appreciate any suggestions.

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