Slicer 5.4 stable version keeps freezing on macOS Ventura 13.4.1 with M2 processor

5.4 stable version keeps freezing every single time I use it

Thanks for testing and reporting. Is this different behavior than you saw from other versions? What operations lead to freezing? What platform are you using?

Do other people see this issue? I haven’t seen anything in initial testing on mac.

nothing other than the freezing. I’m using mac os Ventura 13.4.1 . m2 processor.
it freezes on different operations sometimes segmenting sometimes rendering or even returning to use the software after a short pause

Possibly related to these:

Note that natively building Slicer on arm64 macOS is definitely something we would like to address.
See Support for building/testing/packaging Slicer on Apple arm64 · Issue #6811 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub

Based on user reports that I’ve found related to freezes and stutters on arm64 systems, it seems that the Rosetta emulator that macOS uses for running x64 executables has quite a lot of robustness issues on various hardware and operating system versions. Updgrading your operating system to the most recent version might solve the problems that you are experiencing.

A native arm64 Slicer version that does not depend on Rosetta emulation should perform more consisently. A @jcfr wrote above, it is in the works.

new issues I noticed

segments appearing in slice view not showing in 3d or vice versa.
this couldn’t be resolved by toggling visibility

in rendering, changing the color histogram upon reopening file. there is this pattern where I get back the upper spectrum added. See the attached. you can notice the dark color. I need to delete 5 or 6 points of black color to get the colors back to the original rendering I made

Do you have access to another machine for testing? I would be good to see which issues are related to the M2 environment and which may be cross-platform.

unfortunately i don’t