Slicer program crash suddenly in MacBook

Hey folks! hope your are doing pretty good today.
My question is the Slicer program crash every time I use scissor tool and “Slicer quit unexpectedly”
Thanks for your help in advance.

Thanks a lot for reporting. We are aware of this issue - see here, but each report may contain additional useful information.

I’ve now added some more checks and debugging options to the Scissors effect. Please do these steps to help figuring out what the issue is:

  • download and install the latest Slicer Preview Release tomorrow (2022-11-27) or later
  • hit Cmd+3 to open the Python console
  • type this command to enable writing the scissor brush to a file at each scissor operation - replace /Users/... by a path somewhere in your user folder
  • try to reproduce the crash
  • if you reproduced it then share (upload somewhere and post the download link) the DebugScissorBrush.vtp file that was created in the folder that you specified

@Mohamed1 can you report if your macbook has an intel chip or Apple silicon (M1 or M2)?