SlicerIGT interface to AimooePosition position tracker

We want to connect our optical tracking device to 3Dslice’s slicerIGT module for the surgical navigation simulation shown below, but our device is not supported by Plus, how do I connect the two?

What optical tracker do you have?

AimooePosition,It’s from Guangzhou Aimooe Company, China

We have not heard about this company. You can develop an interface yourself (starting from any other tracker example), but since both for the company and for users it is much better if they don’t reinvent a new API from scratch, I would recommend to adopt an existing interface, such as OpenIGTLink (open, widely supported, simple socket based interface) or maybe other commonly used interfaces, such as NDI common API (used by NDI trackers).

Thank you, Mr. Lassoan, I am a newbie and I don’t understand much about the interface, I have the AimooePosition API development kit, How can I use OpenIGTLink to connect AimooePosition to slicer?

You can implement a new device class in Plus toolkit.