Stable update notification

In some other applications the About dialog will show the current version, but also if there is an update available. Should it be added here in Slicer too? Currently there is a link to download a newer Slicer version, but doesn’t indicate if there is actually a newer version to download or not.

Partially checked means that application update check or extension update check is enabled but not both. I’ll add an explanation to the tooltip.

How does this message look in the about window?

If there is no update then the window would look like this:

If application update check is disabled in CMake then the Visit the <a href="">download site</a> to check if a new version is available. message would be displayed.

That all seems good to me!

Not sure if just your dev testing, but do we alert of a new application version (5.0.3) for Slicer Preview versions that are actually beyond that version (5.1?). The latest 5.1 preview to 5.0.3 would actually be a downgrade in latest functionality/fixes.

We display “update available” message if there is a stable release with a more recent revision. For example, now the latest stable is 5.0.3 so we don’t display “update available” message in Slicer-5.1.x versions
However, when Slicer-5.2 stable will be released then “update available” message will be shown in Slicer-5.1.x.

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