Surface smoothing and exporting model

Quick (hopefully quick, anyway) question - When you export a model from a segmentation, does it use the surface smoothing parameter from the “Show 3D” option in the Segment Editor?

I think this might have been discussed in the Development list but a quick look didn’t reveal anything obvious… Apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere.



Yes. What you see is what is exported.

Sounds good. Thanks!

Hi Andras,
How can the surface smoothing be reduced in segmenteditor (usign script) before exporting the model as a PLY file.

Saima Safdar

You can reduce the smoothing of segments before exporting as a model:

Or do you need to do this in a script?

Is there a way to set the smoothing to 20% instead of 0 in segment editor before exporting model.

Thank you

Saima Safdar

I need to do it in a script

can you tell how can i do.

Saima Safdar

Check out the example in the script repository: