The coordinates of points in stl model after voxelization

Hello everyone, I am learning about computer-assisted spine surgery slicer, how to obtain the coordinates of points on the intersection line between the plane and the STL model.

The positional relationship between the plane and the model is shown in the figure. The red line in the figure represents a plane perpendicular to the screen. I want to get the coordinates of this plane so that I can guide the path planning of the laminar grinding surgical robot.
Sir, could you give me some guidance(@lassoan).

A little help appreciated!Thank you!

You can use IntersectWithLine function in VTK - see this post. There are many examples in the script repository to show how you can set up a locator.

You can do much more sophisticated analysis of the pedicle screw trajectory, for example analyze bone density traversed by the screw (not just a line but an actual screw shape), as it is done in Pedicle screw simulator extension.

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