Transforming a node back to original volume

Do you mean that the issue is that you use multiple 3D views and you need to “Click center” volume in each? How many 3D views are you using? We could potentially auto-center (similarly how we reset the field of view in slice views by default when a volume is loaded) if clicking the centering button is a significant burden.

Since centering is disabled by default and even if you enable it, the volume is not modified, only a transform is applied to it, and the feature is not advertised in tutorials and barely mentioned in the documentation, we expect that only those users perform this action who have a strong reason to use it.

I usually advise users to avoid this feature when it comes up (see for example here), but of course I would not expect anyone to search until running into an issue, so probably it does not help much.

I’m not sure how to make users more aware of what they lose by centering a volume. We could add more information to the documentation, but I would not expect users to read the documentation before using a feature. Anyway, if you find documentation or tutorial that mentions it then let me know and I’ll add a note there. We could also consider removing the feature from the user interface (from the loading options and/or the Volumes module).

You can click Invert in Transforms module to inverse the centering transform and apply it to the centered volume (and other derived data) to transform back to the original position.