Where can I find knee CT/MRI image?

Hi, I’m a final year biomedical engineering student and have just started using 3D-Slicer for my final year project. Could anyone tell me how I import DICOM files or is there somewhere online that I can find them. I need a CT/MRI scan of a knee joint.

Hi, I’m just wondering how you uploaded this file to 3d slicer. I’m trying to find images of a knee joint but I’ve had no luck

I think this is a particularly nice leg scan:

You can also use the knee atlas (available in Data Store module). The image quality is not great but the imagxomea with segmentation.

Hi Arankenny,

i am looking for CT images of the knee aswell. Have you found some hidden gems that you can share?

Unfortunately the Knee Atlas just contains stl files made of MRI scans, which are no help to me.

Would appreciate it, if you have found some CT dataset of the knee/leg that you can share.
(p.s. CT images outside of the CancerImagingArchive)

I like this one:

Hi Pieper,

thank you for the reply.

But i already have that one :). Am already searching trough the Cancer Imaging Archive to find more like that. Since I want to use them to train a neural network I need some more.

I thought maybe arankenny had found some additional sources, since this entry is a few months old.
If you know some other sources for CT images of the knee/leg, I welcome you to share them, I would appreciate it :slight_smile: