2018.07.31 Hangout

After attending both the projects in Gran Canaria and the one in Canada including overall close to 100 attendees, we will be back to our regular hangout schedule.

The plan is to have our hangout on July 31 at 10am.

Next week, the plan is to:

  • review list of remaining issues associated with Slicer 4.10
  • discuss the organization of the tutorial page and possibility introduce a new sub-domain: https://tutorials.slicer.org.
    • During the 29th project week in Canada, Golafsoun Ameri and Leah Groves from the Robarts Research Institute presented their outstanding wordpress blog to help new comer get familiar with Slicer and setup real-time image-guidance and navigation system. We then discussed to transition the content to a “documentation as code” system and elaborate a plan for a long term maintenance of not only their original content but also all the other Slicer tutorials into a portal like https://tutorials.slicer.org.

Anyone will be welcome to join to ask questions at https://bit.ly/slicer-googlemeet-hosted-by-kitware