2018.11.06 Hangout


We will be having our weekly hangout tomorrow, at 10:00 AM EST.

On the agenda will identifying major milestones for the Slicer 5 roadmap, and topics/critical fixes for the 4.10.1 patch release. Current plans for the Slicer 5 transition are here: https://www.slicer.org/wiki/Documentation/Nightly/Developers/Tutorials/MigrationGuide/Slicer50 .
Other topics are always welcome!!

Anyone is welcome to join to ask questions at https://bit.ly/slicer-googlemeet-hosted-by-kitware

Thanks !

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It would also be neat to review and update the section Workflow for Handling Bugs and Feature Requests in Slicer available the Report a problem page.

I did a first pass at updating it, but it would need an other pass.

Meeting summary:

  • quick discussion of @pieper 's Qt conference/meeting thing
  • Qt will be settling on 5.12 for long term support before moving to Qt6
  • For the rest, mostly discussed RSNA poster and booth.