2D Slice/3D View interactions for Plot and Table views

Maximizing of views with a button in the view controller as well as right-click context menu and double-click actions were originally added in Slicer with the following commit:

I have recently been doing more work using Plot (and table) views and found myself double-clicking to maximize a Plot view, but nothing happened. I could only maximize the plot using the button in the plot view controller.

Similarly there is no right-click context menu for a Plot view to do things possibly such as changing interaction mode, reset field of view, Copy image to clipboard (svg type like existing Plot export functionality).

Is there any considerations that might’ve avoided the development of double-click to maximize for Plot views and Table views? Tables would probably only have issue in that double-click in the table would try to edit the cell, but double clicking outside of the table cell area could potentially be for maximize/minimize of the table.

cc: @lassoan for thoughts on these interactions for Plot Views and Table Views as he was a core Slicer developer creating the functionality for the 2D Slice and 3D View interactions.

I agree that it would be more consistent if double-click to maximized plot and table views as well (maybe table views only when the table is read-only), and some useful features could be added as context menu actions. There was no specific reason to avoid implementing these, we just moved on to work on other things.