3D Distance evaluation

Hello everyone,
I am still working on evaluating distance between tumor and normal liver after intraarterial treatment.
I managed to register the pre and post procedural imaging multimodalities.
Then, I evaluated Hausdroff distance and Model to Model distance.
Since we got subcapsular tumors, I used Boolean operation to substract tumor from liver and treated zone, for measuring distance between Tumor and Liver.

For calculating HD , I used the Tumor and the Treated volumes, and for the MtMD , tumor and normal liver.

Results obtained from distance are quite different (as HD seeks for the maximum of minimums and MtMD averages all distances).

Since the model distance calculates the closest point between models , I assume that would correspond to the minimum distance. Using signed distances provides negative values even when substracting tumor volume from liver volume. However, I used the signed distance color map for visual assessment of distance disagreement. For distance values, I used the absolute distance calculation.
I would to ask
1- whether the method used for distance evaluation is correct or not?
2- how to correctly interpret HD and MtMD in this case?

Thank you for your help