3D modeling of abdominal aorta aneurysm

Hello everyone!
In starting a new research project in biomechanics.

For this project i need to model abdominal aorta aneurysm from ct files into 3D stl file and finaly perform flow simulation in ANSYS fluent.

I am really struggling creating the model from ct files, i didnt found any specific tutorial for the AAA case.

I really need your help in learning how to do this task, and if anyone have tutorials for simulation of AAA FSI in fluent it would be amazing.

Thanku and have a wonderful day!

I can only help with the segmentation part:
First make a threshold that has both vascular and bone tissue then use this to separate the two

This describes the same process with an Abdominal Aneurysm :

Ps: in this case you could just remove the bone using a sphere eraser

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Good day to you.
My suggestion is similar to the above, however after setting the threshold I use the sphere tool to highlight the aorta (simply run it up the length), while not being to concerned about getting small sections of the spine.

Then I use islands to keep only the largest island.

Finally I do another 4 steps
1 create a new segment
2 use logical operators to copy the aorta (making sure you are not overwriting segments)
3 use Margins to grow by a small amount (1.6 mm)
4 back to logical operators to subtract your original segment from the new one - leaving you with a hollow artery.

Hopefully this is sufficient for your purposes