3D Rotation without mouse press after Popup "Operate on invisible segment?"

I am assuming that this is a small bug.
Have had this problem with many versions of Slicer including 5.3.0.

Here is a reproducible example.
Download Sample Data CTChest.
Run TotalSegmentator.
Select All Segmentation nodes.
Toggle Visibility.
Turn on only Aorta visibility.
Switch to Segment Module.
Probably need to select master volume.
Press Show 3D and Center View.

Select Scissors.
*Note Aorta is visible, but spleen is selected. My bad, user error

Now, try to use scissors in 3D view. First mouse button.
Popup “Operate on invisible segment?”
Press cancel.

Now move cursor in 3DView without mouse press…
“3D Rotation without mouse press”!!!

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Thanks for reporting this. I’ve also run into this issue a few times and it is indeed a bug. The workaround is to deactivate the effect and click in the view. I’ve added an issue to track the resolution:

Thanks, I always thought that it was my fault.
Maybe it was a feature that I did not understand
Maybe I was dragging the mouse, triple clicking, etc.

Only the ease of use of the TotalSegmenter Module allowed reproducibility.

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