3D Slicer and Antikythera Mechanism, A new publication

Our sixth publication of our team The Functional Reconstruction of Antikythera Mechanism-The FRAMe Project , which just published in the Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry Journal .

Our paper entitled " Renumbering of the Antikythera Mechanism Saros Cells, Resulting from the Saros Spiral Mechanical Apokatastasis ",
concerns the recalculation of the numbering of the survived Saros Spiral cells (corrected to Saros Helix according to the ancient Greek naming), which was based on mechanical /structural elements of Symmetry adopted by the ancient manufacturer. The position of these geometric elements is not affected by the strong deformation and displacement of the Mechanism parts, as a result of corrosion and the density of material change.

Based on these data of Symmetry, a correction in the numbering of the Saros cells that have information for the eclipse events, by a factor of “-1” was made from the (until our publication) the accepted Saros cell numbering. Note that this very important correction on the cell numbering was done after 13 years.

Here you can download our work:http://maajournal.com/Issues/2021/Vol21-2/6_Voulgaris_et_al_21(2).pdf

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