3D slicer and compatibility of its data to Unity; any information I would appreciate

Hello everybody, If I need to convert isodoes map in the Slicer RT module to OBJ or FBX format, what format would do you recommend to select for easier converting to OBJ or FBX. I want to use data in Unity.

The easiest is to use OBJ. FBX is not an open file format, therefore there are not many good free readers/writers for it in free software.

Unity struggles if you have more than about 50k points in mesh, so most likely you need to decimate or remesh your model before exporting. If you export only a few segments then you can remesh using Surface Toolbox module’s Uniform remeshing option. If you want to export many segments with a single click then you can use SlicerOpenAnatomy extension’s OpenAnatomy export module. It has built-in model simplification (using quadric decimation).