3D Slicer Custom App bundling SlicerElastix extension

Hi everyone,

I was able to create an executable file for my 3D Slicer Custom App following this tutorial SlicerCAT: Creating custom applications based on 3D Slicer - Kitware Blog and with your useful suggestions.

The last step of the BUILD file is:

cmake --build . --config Release --target PACKAGE

What exactly does it do? I would like to share the executable file with other people, do I need to share all of the generated files? That isn’t what I wanted because I would be sending the source code…

I also already tried to build the PACKAGE but I’m having this error:

I would appreciate some help. Thanks

Building the PACKAGE target would have the following effect:

  • Build Slicer dependencies, Slicer modules as well as the Slicer executable
  • Create an windows installer that you can distribute.

The C++ source files would not be distributed.

I also already tried to build the PACKAGE but I’m having this error:

Based on the error message, it looks like you included the SlicerElastix extension and the packaging is failing.

Few questions:

  • Could you confirm this is the case by sharing how you integrate it in your CMakeLists.txt ?
  • Could you share the complete error message ?

Hi Jean,

Thank you for your response. That is what I’m looking for.
My source files are written in Python programming language.

To integrate the SlicerElastix extension I used the following instructions in the CMakeLists.txt:


Where can I find the complete error message? Please find in this link the complete message on cmd: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O9KdvEjxj1BX7sTg1BwTyykowcL9MACY/view?usp=sharing

Thank you.

In VS 2017 I’m getting the following error message: