3D View Lag when Hundreds of Models Loaded and OpenIGTLinkIF Running

Slicer Version: 4.11.0
PC: Windows 10, AMD 8320, 8Gb RAM, GTX660ti 3Gb

My issue comes in the second I turn on OpenIGTLinkIF to view live motion tracker data when ~500 models are loaded into the 3D View. Slicer lags significantly (video). If only a few models are loaded, slicer very smoothly displays the motion tracker data (video). My CPU, memory, and GPU usage are not near maximum usage.

Is there any remedy to my issue? I know this combined task of having hundreds of models loaded while running OpenIGTLinkIF to import live motion data is demanding for slicer, but I was really hoping I could have both running simultaneously.

Thanks for reporting, I don’t think there is a good reason for this to happen. @Sunderlandkyl could you check if there is an easy fix? If the fix is not trivial, then we could think about various workarounds.

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@Sunderlandkyl has fixed the update performance issue. Refresh speed should be good in Slicer Preview Release downloaded on Monday or later.


Thanks @lassoan and @Sunderlandkyl! I’ll give that a shot and see if it fixes the problem.

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So it’s still an issue even after updating the preview release version 4.11.0 revision 29250 built 2020-08-03. It may be because the .obj and .stl files have a large file sizes due to the files being modeled after a full sized adult male. Here is the link to the google drive with all the files. Even viewing all of the files in the 3D view is shows a lag.