3rd Proxy works only in SequenceBrowser 1, but not in SeqBrowser 2. What happened with the Scene file?

Hi everyone,

I saved a scene file that contains two SequenceBrowser info, each SequenceBrowser has three Sequence nodes.
Please find the folder of the Scene files here

However, after I re-load this scene file, the third proxy node works only in the first SequenceBrowser, and does not work in the 2nd SequenceBrowser.

All the data seems fine to me, but as far as I know, the 3rd Sequence Node in the 2nd SequenceBrowser is has no access to the sequence data.

Could anyone help me take a look into the scene file, and let me know what was wrong in the scene file?

Thank you so much in advance!

There might be a problem with the Save procedure.
Exact same sequence, here is the BeyoundCompare result between a good save and a bad save.

Please kindly share any ideas on how to avoid this.

All the sequence data work well before saving, however, after saving and re-load, the sequence is empty, and you can see the difference between a good save and a bad save.
I am still trying to figure out why the saving procedure doesn’t work.

Thank you so much in advance!

Thanks for reporting this and sorry for this taking a long time to respond. The issue has been fixed recently in the Slicer Preview Release and will be included in the upcoming Slicer-5.2 Slicer Stable Release.

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