4D volume import-modification-export

Hi, I’m interested in whether there is a possibility to import and modify 4D fMRI nifti files in the Slicer?

A bit more explanation about the question: we are working with multivolume datasets, where one file contains several scans (I attach a file as an example). I would like to make different rigid and non-linear transformations with the volume, modify scalar type etc. After having the result I would like to export it in a way that all the sub-volumes are modified accordingly (similar to that one image volume where I made the changes), and the saved single nifti file still have a multivolume property.

Thank you for you help!

Operating system: Windows 10, 64-bit
Slicer version:4.11.20210226 (stable release)

Using the GUI you can only save 4D volume sequences in nrrd format, but you can pip_install('nibabel') and concatenate the 3D volumes and write them as 4D using a few lines of Python script in Slicer’s Python console.

If you need to do this often then you can write a small IO plugin in Python that offers this option in the GUI (here is an example).

@lassoan: Thank you for your answer!