A few issues with the new Markups

I’ve been using the new Markups module and have run into a few issues. I’m testing on the most recent nightly build.

  1. Toggling the visibility of landmarks causes them to be permanently invisible.
  2. The 2D projection option does not appear to be working.
  3. The GetMarkupPoint() function in vtkMRMLMarkupsFiducialNode does not appear to be supported. Is this planned? I believe I can also use GetMarkupPointVector() to do the same thing.

2D projection is not yet implemented, as noted in this thread:

Added an issue to the spreadsheet.

GetNthControlPointPosition method should be used instead. I’ll add a method (marking it as deprecated) to make transition to the updated API easier. The API was really messy, using “vector” and “world” suffixes and data types quite inconsistently. It is still not very clear, so we’ll improve it further (but keep old methods in place for a while).

Great, thanks @lassoan!