Accessing Data Probe Module from Python

Hi all,

I am trying to access to what is displayed in the Data Probe Module. In particular, I need to access the anatomical information that is displayed there. For instance, I want to get the anatomical location corresponding to the location of the mouse tip.

What functions do I need to use to access that information ? I looked at the Documentation but I could not find any coding examples. etc.

Thank you !

DataProbe module has no logic that other modules could use, but fortunately there is a much simpler way of getting anatomical location from the crosshair node. See complete example here:

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Thanks !

I looked at the example, but I actually want to access to that information without using the mouse at all.
For instance I want to get all the anatomical coordinates and locations corresponding to the points in the Markup Fiducials.

How should I modify the example code for this ?

Thank you…

Markups fiducial positions are already defined in anatomical coordinates.

Yes but can’t I obtain the anatomical names which are displayed in the Data Probe module ?

What do you mean by anatomical name? Can you attach a screenshot and mark the information that you would like to obtain?

Basically I need all the information provided by the Data Probe Module.

For the 1st screenshot, I need the indices which are displayed next to the coordinates.

For the 2nd, I need the names which correspond to the segments (in this example Amygdala).

Indices: see above (example in the script repository), you can also have a look at the implementation in DataProbe:

Segment names: you can get them from the displayable managers, see implementation here: