Add a new module to custom app template

Hello everyone ,
I have downloaded source code for slicer custom app template and have build it. Now, how can I add my own module into the application.

If you already have the code/framework for the new module, you can skip the next paragraph.

If you do not have the code for the module already, you can create the framework for a module using the Extension Wizard within 3D Slicer (it usually isn’t enabled in custom app builds, so you will want to use a downloaded 3D Slicer). You create a temporary extension, and then a module of the desired type within it.

Once you have generated the module, you copy the folder of just the module into the custom app source (see example location below) and add it to the CMakeLists of the custom app (see below).

Location of folder in Repo:

Example of where to add in the CMake: SlicerCAT/CMakeLists.txt at e651f197f56e3378ce094378dd29631c08b25a33 · KitwareMedical/SlicerCAT · GitHub

Thanks a lot , I was able to add a module successfully.