Add directories to PATH env when launching SlicerCAT


My custom app have .dll dependency. To launch app I need to set PATH env to these .dll (on windows).
Where can I see how this is done in slicer?

You would normally build (or at least install) these DLLs as part of the custom application package. If you don’t do that then you can simply copy the DLLs into the bin folder of Slicer, or add the external path to the Paths section of your Slicer-NNNN.ini file.

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Thank you,

I think I’ve found how this is done in Slicer. By adding lines in external project :

# library paths
  ${GDAL_ROOT}/data/proj    # path that needs to be added to PATH env

path is automatically added to Slicer-NNNN.ini file. In this example I used it in INSTALL mode, but it also can be used in BUILD mode in similar way (examples can be found in slicer’s external package like python or VTK).