Add SFORM_Permissive mode for nifti files

I currently have an issue with opening a large number of nifti ct scans from the dataset i’m working on (totalsegmentator dataset). it throws an error: “itk only supports orthonormal direction cosines. no orthonormal definition found”. its because more restrictive checks on the input file thay’ve added in the last itk versions: Nifti files with non-orthonormal directional cosines should be read and the error changed to a warning. · Issue #3994 · InsightSoftwareConsortium/ITK · GitHub
Recently they have pushed a permissive mode to their code: ENH: Added permissive mode to NIFTI reader by vfonov · Pull Request #4009 · InsightSoftwareConsortium/ITK · GitHub

Please, add the permissive_mode to the itk version sdslicer works with
Is there any way i could update it manualy on my local installation of the 3d slicer?

thanks in advance

Hi - did you try with the latest preview version of Slicer? I believe we resolved all these issues.

The linked ITK PR that was recently merged would need to have the commits ba knotted to the Slicer ITK fork branch Commits · Slicer/ITK · GitHub or we move forward to use latest ITK code.

@jcfr Do you know how you plan to proceed with finalizing the work associated with COMP: Add support for customizing ITK namespace (draft) · Slicer/ITK@69e52f0 · GitHub. Would we keep carrying over these type of changes when we update Slicer’s ITK and SimpleITK versions?