Adding two volumes

i had segmented a volume from top and bottom (and hence the slices are less in this) and did some processing in segmented volume. now i want to add the original volume and this segmented volume. how can i do this? pl help

This topic should answer your question: Landmark registration and combining intenstities of fixed and moving volume

i don’t understand how to do this “you can harden the transform (from the right-click menu in the Transform hierarchy of the Data module) and then use Filtering->Add Scalar Volumes.”

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Data module
  • Click on “Transform hierarchy” tab
  • Right-click on the node that you would like to harden the transform on
  • Click “Harden transform”
  • Open “Add Scalar Volumee” module (click on the module list, click Filtering category, click Arithmetic category, click Add Scalar Volumes)
  • Set input and output nodes and click Apply

sorry but when i right click on the node, it show insert transform, edit properties, rename and delete but no harden transform. i can’t find harden transform anywhere. i am working on 3Dslicer 4.10.2.

one more thing. once add scalar volume is opened, i can’t see set input and output nodes there. sorry

You need to Apply the transform (by drag-and-dropping the node under a transform) before you can harden the transform on the node.

If you have scalar volumes in the scene then they should show up in node selectors in “Input volume 1” and “Input volume 2”. Normally you create a new node for output volume. Are your volumes scalar volumes or labelmap volumes (you can check the type in Volumes module / Volume information section)?