Vector to scalar volume grayed out

Hi, I load the images in a volume but when I try to convert this volume to a scalar volume, the ‘input vector volume’ dropdown menu is grayed and I can’t choose the volume I work on. Please help

Make sure you indeed have vector volume loaded into the scene:

Right click on the Volume, choose “Edit Properties” and then in the opened Volumes module, navigate to the Volume Information and look at the Volume type reported

Hi, thanks for your reply. These are the volume properties

That’s the issue. You don’t have a vector volume, but a scalar one. So the input node selector is grayed out.

Can I convert the scalar volume to a vector one??

You can, but it will be somewhat pointless. All three channels of the vector volume will contain the same value as the original scalar volume.

What are you trying to accomplish?

I have a set of images and I want to make a 3d model

That’s usually done by segmentation. And segmentation works on scalar volumes, not vectors ones. I would suggest making yourself familiar with the Slicer documentation, particularly the section on Image Segmentation.