Addressing issue with "pip install itk"

I was also playing with pip installing itk, but this doesn’t seem to work at the moment.

@jcfr was looking into this. It may have to do with the pip-installed ITK and the compiled ITK libraries working with the same shared memory, each under the assumption that it is their memory to manage. I don’t know, but when I backtrace the crash it seems to happen while ITK is trying to free some memory.

Analyzing the backtrace seems to indicate that the pip installed ITK libraries are attempting to register the ITK IO factories already loaded in Slicer through the built-in ITK:

After talking with @thewtex , we identified a path forward and will follow up.

In a nutshell, we are evaluating approaches like these:

  • delegating the loading and registration of ITK IO to python
  • configure the registration code in the C++ build so that the static variable uniquely identify a given build
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Patch is here: