Adjust Window Level is not working (nightly release 4.11.0)

In the latest nigthly release (13-05-2019, windows), adjusting window/level by left-click + dragging is not working anymore. It is still possible to adjust window/level through the Volumes module however.

Furthermore, when checking the interactorstyle, it shows that AdjustWindowLevelForeground and AdjustWindowLevelBackground are enabled.

>>> interactorStyle ='Red').sliceView().sliceViewInteractorStyle()
>>> interactorStyle.GetActionEnabled(interactorStyle.AdjustWindowLevelForeground)
>>> interactorStyle.GetActionEnabled(interactorStyle.AdjustWindowLevelBackground)

HI Joost,

Mouse modes have recently changed. To window/level you need to switch to W/L mode by clicking on the button on the toolbar that is activated in this screenshot:

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@cpinter Thanks! Is there a way to set the default to W/L adjustment on startup?

You can put this in the

appLogic =
interactionNode = appLogic.GetInteractionNode()
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See some more information about the feature here: Feedback requested: How to improve mouse interaction in views?