Adjusting margin sizes based on volume ratios and axes

화면 캡처 2023-11-23 173352

Sorry for the low-quality image…

I would like to expand the existing segment in three directions based on the volume ratio.
For instance, I want to expand by 5% along the x-axis, 10% along the y-axis, and 10% along the z-axis. However, the margins are in millimeters, and I observed that the growth occurs uniformly in all three directions.

As I am not familiar with Slicer and Python, I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide detailed instructions on how to achieve this.

You can use PadImage filter in Simple filters which allows you to pad image in any value along 6 axis.

You can alternatively draw ROI and modify its extends under the ROI settings to match dimensions you want and then use the Crop Volume module.