After ImportModelToSegmentationNode some segments are cubical

I have a few stl files and want to create one multilabel for monai train. I write python-script and it works (gist:544be2f1ef2ad63a44fd38d43ab54760 · GitHub)
In general, it loads all stl in cycle and imports to segmentation:

def load_avalible_labels(labels_stl_path, segmentationNode):
    for label in labels_stl_path:
        modelNode = slicer.modules.models.logic().AddModel(label)
        slicer.modules.segmentations.logic().ImportModelToSegmentationNode(modelNode, segmentationNode)

then fill, save and so on…

But! Some segments are “cubical”, some are normal:

stl-files are same, I mean, if open all files in a slicer as model they are smooth.
If I convert them manually (model>segmentation node), segments are smooth too.

So… could someone help?

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If you start editing a segmentation then its source (a.k.a. master) representation is changed to “binary labelmap”. A binary labelmap is made up of voxels that you can see when you zoom in. If you find the default resolution insufficient the you can increase it.