ALPACA & segmentation

Operating system: windows
Slicer version:5.2.1

Does the use of “Alpaca” require prior segmentation?

ALPACA does not require segmentation, but it expects you will provide models that have comparable anatomy. If you don’t, performance will suffer.

So if your existing models are of the same anatomical region/content, no segmentation/cleanup is necessary.

Thank you for your answer.

I have a DICOM file, and I cropped the volume for my purposes, but I am not able to save it as a 3d file suitable for ALPACA, such as ply* file that is recommended.
What can I do?

Thank you for your help

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Process of making 3D models out of volumetric data is called swgmentation. You can read about it more here Image Segmentation — 3D Slicer documentation

The tool to use is segment editor, after you can export your segmentation to ply nd use it with alpaca.