Alter number of points which makes up VTK curve


Is there some way to take an existing Slicer VTK curve node, say it is defined by 4 initial points I have placed, and increase the number of points along the curve to be a number such as 100, such that the curve shape remains the same, but now there are 100 points defining the shape?

If there is no built-in VTK method for such functionalities, is there a method by which I could find the curve equation and then add points manually along the curve?

Thank you!

Resample curves within the Markups tool does exactly that. Perhaps @smrolfe can point out to the specific code.

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Yes, you can find the code to do this, with the option to constrain to a surface,
in the onApplyCurveResamplingPushButton call back here:

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@muratmaga @smrolfe Thank you for the help!