Analyse multiple tumour segments as individual instances

Hi, I have labeled the multiple tumours present in an MRI image as “Tumour”. Tumour pixels all have the label value of 2.

Here are the multiple tumour segmentations.

Volume and segments
3D reconstruction of tumour segments

I would like the “segment statistics” module to report on each tumour separately. Is there a quick method of "splitting " these tumours up into separate instances? On 2D images of cells, I have used “regionprops” in python, which finds groups of pixels and considers them a unique entity, is there something similar for 3D segmentations???

I have many images with multiple tumours, it would take too long for me to segment them all with separate values.

Operating system:Mac OS
Slicer version: 5.2.2

You can use the Islands tool with the “Split islands to segments” option.

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Thank you! That was a lot simpler than I expected.