Anyone using Radeon Pro Duo with Slicer?


I am interested in this card, primarily for the large amount VRAM (2x16GB) it offers. My previous experience with AMD cards was less than ideal, but that was almost 10 years ago.

Any input would be much appreciated.

I have no direct experience with that card, but I use the two-AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB configuration on a mac pro with no problems. OpenGL support on all cards and chips is pretty good these days due to the extensive conformance test suites.

My experience witn an AMD RX480 with 8GB RAM on Linux is very satisfactory. I doubt many people on this list are using such a bleeding edge video adapter.

Perhaps it’s for excessively huge volumes only. But then you may hit OpenGL limits such as :



Warning: In /home/arc/src/Slicer-SuperBuild/VTKv9/Rendering/VolumeOpenGL2/vtkOpenGLVolumeRGBTable.h, line 144
vtkObject (0x560a8efde870): This OpenGL implementation does not support the required texture size of 32768, falling back to maximum allowed, 16384.This may cause an incorrect color table mapping.

The first one prevents creation of any Volume Rendering view. The second one does not affect user experience.

It’s up to your data and requirements.

(This refers to the Radeon Pro Duo, of course.)

@chir.set and @pieper: thanks for the input. Yes, it is primarily to use it with high-resolution data from research microCT scanners, which tend to be 2000^3 or larger.

Think I will order one and test it.