Apply BSpline transformation in MATLAB

I have registered two CT scans using non-rigid registration and got a bspline transform as .h5 file.
I applied this transform on my segmented geometry using 3Dslicer but I want to apply this transform on point set using MATLAB.
I have read the the transform components using MATLAB, it gave me two groups each group has 3 data sets: TranformFixedParameters, TranformParameters, and TransformType.
could you tell me what each data set contain ?
Many thanks,

This is an ITK transform, see its documentation here. If you have further questions, then you can ask on the ITK forum.

Why would you consider using Matlab? Have you tried implementing the features you need in Python instead? FYI, Slicer has a built-in interactive Python environment (press Ctrl-3 to bring up the console), with a number of packages pre-installed and you can install any other package that you might need. See tutorials here.