Are there any examples of integrating conan into 3d slicer extension?

Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04
Slicer version: 5.3.0
Expected behavior: After successfully building custom extension with conan cmake, I expect my modified OpenIGTLinkIF module to show up in modules.
Actual behavior: However, after building my modified version of SlicerOpenIGTLink and its OpenIGTLinkIF module, it doesn’t show up in 3D Slicer.

Has anyone built a custom extension with conan cmake? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated as I am aiming to use 3D slicer for my master thesis on AI stroke diagnosis.

The conan option sounds interesting, but I don’t know that anyone has used it before. Best to stick with the documented toolchain to make sure things are working, and then try out new tools

@pieper since I need to use conan for my project, I could create a tutorial or document how to do it when I get it working and share it with the Slicer Community. Any suggestions on contributing to 3D Slicer?

It would be great if you could make such a contribution. Probably a PR to add info to the extension instructions would be good. I’m not familiar with conan, but it sounds like something we might be able to use other places as well.

Can you write a bit more about conan? What are the advantages compared to simply using CMake? What makes it required for you to use conan?